Monday, August 3, 2015

Automotive SPICE v3.0 Changes

Overview of Changes:
  • PRM & PAM: Instead of two separate documents as PRM V4.5 & PAM V2.5; PRM & PAM have been merged into single document Automotive SPICE PRM, PAM V3.0
  • Measurement Scale: V 2.5 did not include measurement scale where as V3.0 defines “Process Attribute Rating scale, Rating & Aggregation method (by reference to ISO 33020), Capability level Model.
  • Process ID: Engineering process ID has been changed to clearly indicate System & Software Level processes. ENG.1 ~ ENG.3 & ENG.9 & ENG.10  SYS.1 ~ SYS.3, SYS,4 & SYS.5. Similar software processes ENG.4 ~ ENG.8 has been changed to SWE.1 ~ SWE.6.
  • Re-organization of Software Design & Construction process: Software Design (ENG.5) & Software Construction (ENG.6) has been aligned with ISO 26262 Part 6 clauses. ENG.5 & ENG.6 has been divided into three process as SWE.2 (Software Architecture), SWE.3 (Software Design & Unit Construction) & SWE.4 (Software Unit Verification). ENG.8 (Software Testing) has been named as SWE.6 Software Qualification Test.
  • Adding “Consistency” as BP: One BP as “Ensure Consistency” has been included after traceability BP to emphasize the usage of traceability matrix in review.
  •  Removal of “Proceedings” BP: Proceeding base practice from SUP.9 & SUP.10 have been removed & included as notes.
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  1. Indeed a food for thought and good information regarding the changes in ASPICE model