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Rating & Aggregation Rule

My this article is intended to Assessor community & NOT to Process Improvement practitioners. Rating Rule: Existing rule: ISO/IEC 15504 Part 2 requires to rate Process Attribute (PA). In Practice: In most of the  assessments, BPs & sometimes GPs are also rated. These ratings have been used to derive Process Attribute rating. Solution: ISO/IEC 33020 (which replaces ISO/IEC 15504 Part 2) now defines three types of rating, R1, R2 & R3. The meaning of these ratings is: R1: a) Characterize process outcomes, i.e., Characterize BP for each process instance   b) Characterize process attribute outcomes, i.e., Characterize GP for each process instance c) Aggregate BP characterization of all process instances to PA1.1 rating d) Aggregate GP characterization of all process instances to respective PA rating R2: a) Characterize process attribute for each process instance   b) Aggregate process attribute characterization of all instances to PA rating

Automotive SPICE v3.0: New Rating Scale

Rating Scale: Rating   scale: Automotive SPICE V2.5 & V3.0 N   Not achieved   0 to ≤ 15% achievement P   Partially achieved   > 15% to ≤ 50% achievement L   Largely achieved   > 50% to ≤ 85% achievement F   Fully achieved   > 85% to ≤ 100% achievement In V3.0, this scale has been further detailed for “P” & “L”   P-   Partially achieved -   > 15% to ≤ 32.5% achievement   P+   Partially achieved +   > 32.5 to ≤ 50% achievement   L-   Largely achieved -   > 50% to ≤ 67.5% achievement   L+   Largely achieved +   > 67.5% to ≤ 85% achievement Rating & aggregation rule has been defined in ISO 33020, which shall be used while conducting assessment based on Automotive SPICE 3.0. P lease visit again for ex

Automotive SPICE v3.0: Plug-in Concept

Automotive SPICE v2.5 has Engineering Processes as ENG.1 ~ ENG.10 covering system & software domain processes. Automotive SPICE v3.0 has been upgraded with concept of "Plug-in" domain specific processes. System Engineering process have been separated with SYS.1 ~ SYS.5 on top level of architecture. Domain specific processes, i.e., Software Engineering have been defined as SWE.1 ~ SWE.6. The placeholder for Hardware Engineering (HWE.1 ~ HWE.4) & Mechanical Engineering (MEE.1 ~ MEE.4) have been created. In future, with the availability of Hardware engineering & Mechanical Engineering processes, Process scope can be enlarged.  For details visit or write to us on