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Maturity Level concept using Automotive SPICE

CL & ML : Differences Characteristics Capability Level (CL) Maturity Level (ML) Result Applicability Process Organization unit Scope Process & CL §     Any number of processes can be selected (mostly – VDA Scope) . §     CL can be defined for respective process . §     Pre-defined set of processes for respective ML Scope Project §     Single project (mostly) OR §     Multiple projects §     Class 1: 4 instances (Minimum) §     Class 2: 2 instances (Minimum) §     Multiple projects to represent “organization unit” appropriately. §     Minimum number of sample shall satisfy “Class” of assessment rule. Rating Aggregation   §     No aggregation within project (mostly) §     For multiple projects - aggregation as per rule (R1/R2/R3) can be applied. §     Aggregation is done as rule rating rule o    R1 – Rate BP/GP & aggregate o