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How to Become Automotive SPICE Assessor?

Automotive SPICE®  is a process model used for internal process improvement & managing customer-supplier relationship involved in software development. intacs ( int ernational a ssessor c ertification  s cheme) is an scheme which maintains high standard of professionals to support intended implementation of Automotive SPICE (ASPICE). intacs has defines three grade of assessors namely: (i) Provisional Assessor (ii) Competent Assessor (iii) Principal Assessor The requirements to get certifies all three grades have been defined. Provisional & Competent Assessor requires trainings besides 4 (four) years of working experience & 5 (five) assessment experience for Competent assessor. The training material has been developed jointly & owned by intacs. These material is used by all trainers who are associated with training providing organisation. IQI consulting services provides these two trainings in Asia Pacific region. In-house trainings as well as publ

Concept of SUP.9 Problem Resolution & SUP.10 Change Request Management

Both processes leads to changing project work products which are already baselined. To update the baselined work products, change (control) management (part of Configuration Management Process) is called. However, before calling change management process, the analysis of defects / change request shall be completed. The concept of their implementation is shown below: Automotive SPICE defines two processe s; SUP.9 Problem Resolution Management (PRM) & SUP.10 Change Request Management (CRM) Process. Few organisation manages these two processes with same tool & combines the flow but identifies with categorisation.  Difficulty is seen when CMMI based organisation tries to fulfil the CRM requirements using SG2 requirement of CM Process Area of CMMI. Some of the activities are not get defined completely. By adding additional requirements as indicate above (also defined in Automotive SPICE SUP.10), the compliance to SUP.10 can be achieved. For more information on any of t