Automotive SPICE - Structure

Automtoive SPICE Model has been derived from ISO/IEC 15504 Part 5 (Exemplar Process Assessment for Information Technology). Out of 48 processes in Part 5, 26 processes are selected and described (with some changes) in Automotive SPICE & 5 new processes are added. Thus total 31 processes are defined in Automotive SPICE. The processes which are relevant to manage customer-supplier relationship in automotive industry (OEM-Supplier) has been described in Automotive SPICE.

Each process is defined with process purpose, outcome, base practices (BP) & output work product (WP). BP & WP is mapped with outcome of the processes with n-to-n relationship. Automotive SPICE model defines 5 Capability Level (CL). Each CL is characterized with Process Attributes (PA). CL-1 has 1 PA, CL-2 to CL-5 has 2 PA each. Each Process Attributes has been defined with "Result of full achievement", Generic Practices (GP) & Generic Work Product (GWP). GP & GWP are mapped with "Result of full achievement".

All xP are termed as process indicator. These indicator are sufficient to understnad the model for process improvement & conducting process assessment using Automotive SPICE model.

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