Automotiv SPICE v3.0 Guideline

VDA has published Automotive SPICE v3.0 guideline (draft version) in February 2017 for community review & suggestion. The final version "Blue-Gold" book will be available in September 2017. 

This provides detailed guidance on following topics:
Part 1: Interpretation and rating guideline
This section is very detailed & covers rating guideline for Base Practice (BP) of 16 processes (VDA scope - Old HIS Scope), relationship between rating of BPs, rating guideline for Capability Level 2, Capability Level 3.

Part 2: Guideline for performing the assessment
This section provide details on "assessment process" and is similar to the older version of assessment process published in 2008. It also provides concept of improvement process & requirements relating to assessor qualification.

Official usage of Automotive SPICE v3.0 to conduct assessment will start after upgrade training to Principal & competent assessors.


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